Simply Sophisticated Stylish


Designing your ideal interior is a very intensive and highly personal process, which is why I take my role in helping you in this journey very seriously.

No matter the size of your project, I’m committed to guide you through the process with confidence and understanding of your own personal and specific needs. Some of which you might not even realize you have. We’ll keep it simple, natural, authentic, so you as a person and family feel at home in your home.


My main goal is to get you excited about the process – involved and at ease every step of the way, whether it’s a full renovation or a ‘simple’ makeover.

Reorganizing your home, refurbishing, redecorating, renovation and new construction. You name it, we’ll make it happen! A light plan, a new kitchen or bathroom. From idea to reality.


While I’m based in the Netherlands and Spain, I work with clients all over the world using a combination of a natural and bohemian-chic style with your own favorite items.

A balanced mix of styles where you feel at home.

Creating a Home where your Heart is – Bohostyle πŸ–€